A long-standing friendship

Turgeon, Sansoucy & Ouellet Notaires

Turgeon, Sansoucy & Ouellet Notaires is a notarial firm, established in Boisbriand for more than 45 years. It all started with a friendship in university, which grew into a well-established business in Boisbriand.

A long-standing friendship

In those days, Mr. Michel Turgeon and Mr. Yves Sansoucy, newly graduated, were eager to start their notarial practice together in a building located on Grande-Allée. Surrounded by vacant lots and alternately working on the “typewriter” – the only one available for both of them – they undertook this adventure. Since that day, the study has been successfully established in a dynamic community. Its equipment has been upgraded to the digital era, and the team has grown.

A tradition from father to daughter

Over the years, Michel and Yves have always been committed to providing impeccable service to their ever-growing clientele. They, therefore, recruited Mr. Éric Vallières into their team, followed a few years later by Mtre Christine Turgeon, Michel Turgeon’s daughter. Thus, the tradition continues from father to daughter.

A dynamic succession

Over 50,000 completed assignments later, and with a great deal of mutual support and collaboration, they are now slowly heading towards a well-deserved retirement. In 2021, they joined forces with a dynamic and experienced new generation of notaries, namely Mtre Christine Turgeon and Mrs. Andréanne Ouellet. Together, they are determined to perpetuate the founders’ values and keep the firm operating in the same friendly and collegiate spirit while keeping up with present-day trends in the notarial profession.

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