True or false?
It is possible to consult a lawyer to apply for a new mortgage.

Answer: False. A mortgage is an act that must be in notarial form. It must be prepared and signed by a notary to be valid since it is a significant obligation. The notary must inform the client of what a mortgage entails and the importance of their responsibilities.


You may not be aware that a change of mortgage lender, a new credit line, or a change in credit conditions all require a visit to your notary. The notary must carry out the required verifications and draw up new documents for you and the lender to issue the new mortgage and the old one canceled.

Often considered a necessary evil, the notary’s intervention brings added value. The notary will ensure the conformity of the mortgage deed and its publication. They will also manage the funds in the trust account and make the necessary verifications to ensure that the obligations to be fulfilled in such a file are respected.

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