True or false?
A will has several purposes: not only does it provide for who will inherit your property in the event of your death, but also who will be the estate liquidator.

Answer: True, and much more! A notarized will contains all the essential details to ensure that your loved ones are well protected in the event of your death. Beyond the legacies, you must also designate a liquidator and give them the powers required to complete your estate settlement.


Wills and notaries always go hand in hand. Indeed, several advantages characterize a will drafted before a notary:

  • Good advice is available: the notary is specialized in testamentary matters. They are experts in this field and will guide you through each situation so that your wishes are clearly expressed.
  • It is always possible to find it: after signing the will, your notary will register it with the Chambre des notaires. Therefore, finding it through a will search will always be possible.
  • The original will always be kept: your notary must keep the original in his vault. A certified copy will be given to you, and the notary can produce a new copy identical to the original.

In other words, not only is a will necessary but having a notary involved remains the best way to do one.

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