True or false?
A marriage contract is mandatory for a marriage to be valid.

Answer: False. It is possible to get married without having signed a marriage contract. In such a case, the matrimonial regime of partnership of acquests will govern the marriage.


They say the notary is there to assist people in the most significant milestones of their lives. Undoubtedly, marriage is one of these critical milestones. The notary is a qualified public officer authorized by the Civil Code of Quebec to perform a marriage. Hiring a notary to celebrate a marriage has one significant advantage: in addition to and before the celebration, they can provide information on the legal aspects of the marriage. Being married has many implications that must be known before the ceremony. These implications include the choice of the matrimonial regime and the legal outcomes of the marriage.

Furthermore, the notary will draft the marriage contract, if required by the future spouses. A marriage contract must be notarized to be valid. Therefore, the notary will assist the future spouses according to their wishes. Through the marriage contract, the future spouses choose a matrimonial regime.

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