Over the past few years, notaries have been making people aware that common-law partners do not have the same rights, obligations, and responsibilities as married spouses. Regardless of the number of years they have lived together or whether they are parents of the same child.

Therefore, the cohabitation agreement, is intended for de facto spouses and establishes rules for their union’s length and possible separation. It is also known as a de facto spouses’ agreement. This agreement compensates for the absence of regulations, provided that both de facto spouses wish to establish them.

According to your needs and requests, TSO’s notaries will gather all the necessary information relevant to your situation and prepare a custom-made agreement.

True or false?
After a few years of living together, common-law partners are bound by the same laws as married couples.

Answer: False. Currently, common-law partners are not recognized under the Civil Code of Quebec and are not subject to the same rights, obligations and responsibilities as married couples.

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