Without its support staff, Turgeon, Sansoucy & Ouellet notaires would be unable to provide such a full range of services.

Lorraine Boucher

Lorraine Boucher has been part of the team for over 35 years and is at the firm’s reception desk. In addition to her warm presence, Lorraine performs administrative and clerical tasks. She is responsible for finalizing the deeds once they have been signed by the clients and the notaries: a rigorous and critical job in a notary’s office. Indeed, there is no room for error when handling the originals of notarial acts. Our notaries know that they can count on her experience and meticulousness to accomplish her work.

Johanne Bélanger

Johanne Bélanger recently rejoined Turgeon, Sansoucy & Ouellet Notaires, working there for several years before her retirement. She is now back part-time, supporting the collaborators and the notaries for support tasks, such as opening files, finalizing notarial acts, publishing them, and preparing reports. Her experience and efficiency make her a valuable resource for the firm.

Sabrina Mathieu

Sabrina Mathieu is Mtre Christine Turgeon’s primary assistant. She completed her college studies and obtained her diploma in paralegal studies in 2020. Although she works primarily with Mtre Turgeon, Sabrina is always available for her colleagues. She is highly efficient and can quickly respond to clients’ and notaries’ needs. Above all, she delivers high-quality work.

Danielle Fleurent

Danielle Fleurent joined the team at Turgeon, Sansoucy & Ouellet Notaires in March 2022 as an assistant to Mtre Andréanne Ouellet, on matters related to human rights. She brings a total of 35 years of experience to bear, including approximately 15 years in real estate law and 20 years in law related to human rights. Danielle likes helping people, is attentive to their needs, and is highly empathetic. Her experience allows her to assist the notaries and clients in an efficient and highly appreciated manner. She also likes to share her knowledge and is always eager to lend her colleagues a helping hand.

Mélanie Gosselin

Mélanie Gosselin holds a college diploma in paralegal studies. She specializes in title examinations and is involved in every property transfer file. Mélanie carefully and rigorously verifies the title deeds to ensure they are clear and without mistakes. Therefore, she is an essential ally for our notaries.

Kim Parent

Kim Parent is currently in her third year of the Bachelor of Law program at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She is passionate about notarial law, which she plans to practice in the future. Consequently, she views this job as an opportunity allowing her to acquire concrete experience in the professional notarial field, working with experienced notaries and their assistants. Her role within the firm is multi-faceted. It calls for her to help notaries and their assistants in their daily tasks, such as opening files and finalizing notarial acts and their publication. Her rigour and attention to detail make her an important asset to the team.

Sylvie Morin

Sylvie Morin has over 35 years of experience as a legal assistant. She has been working with Sylvie Piché and Marie-Josée Lessard in the notarial practice for over 15 years. On March 1, 2024, with the Lessard and Piché notary office, she joined the team of Turgeon, Sansoucy & Ouellet notaries. Her extensive experience allows her to assist Sylvie Piché and Marie-Josée Lessard in all stages and follow-ups of cases in real estate law and personal law. She is dynamic, meticulous, and patient. Both her colleagues and clients will appreciate her availability and dedication.

Alexandra Besner

Alexandra Besner joined the team of Turgeon, Sansoucy & Ouellet notaries in September 2023. After several years of experience in real estate law in various offices in Montreal and the North Shore, she now works alongside Andréanne Ouellet in personal law. Her efficiency, empathy, and reassuring presence are appreciated by both clients and colleagues.

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