Is a loved one suffering from a cognitive loss? Regardless of the cause, a person who can no longer make decisions for themselves must have someone who can represent them accordingly.

The proceedings required will then be orchestrated by a notary, who will gather all the information and documents needed to complete the procedure. The medical and psychosocial assessments confirming the incapacity and the degree of incapacity must be obtained. The process would be different if the adult had a protection mandate. If there is no protection mandate, a protection regime must be opened, and it will be up to the group of relatives, allies, or friends to decide who will act as a legal representative. If a protection mandate exists, this person will be named in the protection mandate, and the process of homologating the protection mandate will need to be undertaken.

The procedure always ends with a judgment upon submitting all the required documents to the notary.

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True or false?
Without a protection mandate, the government will be responsible for my finances and medical decisions.

Answer: False. Without a protection mandate, a protection regime will be the next step.

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