True or false?
The buyer chooses the notary, and the notary works exclusively in the interest of their client, the buyer.

Answer: False. The notary acts as a public officer and must be impartial. They represent all parties in the transaction, whether the buyer, the seller, or even the mortgagee. They must give the required advice to each party at the right time and place.


You are buying a house: congratulations! Purchasing a property is not a simple event and is an important milestone in your life. Turgeon Sansoucy & Ouellet Notaires will assist you throughout your purchase process, as they have the expertise and experience to alleviate any concerns you may have regarding your purchase. Our main objective is to protect your transaction.

We distinguish ourselves by our high availability, even before the purchase offer is finalized. Before committing to such an important transaction, there is nothing better than to seek advice from an expert.

Once the terms of the purchase agreement have been met (financing, inspection, etc.), it will be up to our notaries to finalize the transaction by taking the various steps, including :

  • Analyzing the order to intent;
  • Title analysis (title review), including the declaration of co-ownership, if required;
  • Analyzing the land survey certificate;
  • Verification of and adjusting municipal and school taxes between the parties;
  • Obtaining co-ownership information, if required;
  • Obtaining and analyzing your home insurance;
  • Preparation of credit documents;
  • Drafting of notarial deeds (mortgage and sale);
  • Managing the money in the trust account;
  • Paying off your seller’s mortgage, obtaining and publishing its discharge;
  • Preparing certified copies;

Our notaries privilege a human and attentive approach. The presented and signed documents must be well explained, and you understand the process. Furthermore, if your situation requires additional documents, we will promptly analyze everything and mention what is necessary.

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